This is where financial experts, like
Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche, teach you to

Achieve financial wholeness and create the life you’ve always dreamed about

The life where your debt is fully paid off. Where you’re accumulating wealth. Where you have the confidence to ask for a raise, buy a home, or start a business. Where you’re truly proud of your financial legacy.

Whether you’re drowning in debt or doing all the “right” things…

Master the financial fundamentals
for building a richer future

Our signature course is based on proven strategies from the NYT Bestseller “Get Good with Money” by our Cofounder Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche. These 12 steps have helped more than one million people worldwide pay off debt, save money, and achieve financial security.

Inside the Financial Foundations Signature Course:

Module 1
Money Mindset

Module 2
Budget Building

Module 3
Banking & Savings

Module 4
Digging Out of Debt

Module 5
Score High Credit

Module 6
Learn to Earn

Module 7
Investing for Retirement

Module 8
Investing for Wealth

Module 9
Get Good With Insurance

Module 10
Grow Richish, Net Worth

Module 11
Pick Your Money Team

Module 12
Leave a Legacy, Estate Planning


Bonus 1
Financial Aid & Student Loans
Bonus 2
Side Hustles

Taught by “The Budgetnista” — and the experts who helped her go from $300,000 in debt to running 7-figure brands

The Get Good With Money Library brings you a lineup of Budgetnista-vetted,
world renowned financial experts who are masters in their fields.
They’re here to share their insider tips, so you can navigate your
financial journey with confidence.

“The Budgetnista” Aliche
Stefanie O’Connell

Once you’ve laid your financial foundations…

Master the financial fundamentals for building
a richer future

Join an intensive course every quarter for focused lessons on essential financial goals. These 22-day challenges feature live sessions with our financial experts and will keep you motivated with community support and accountability.

Inside the Financial Foundations Signature Course:


Investing 101

Healing your relationship with money

Starting a side hustle

And more!
Have a topic in mind? We welcome your suggestions!

Money is a team sport

Stay on track with your very own
Get Good With Money Library money team

Exclusive online community of Dream Builders

Surround yourself with like-minded people who can normalize both the struggles AND the wins

Monthly office hours with the experts

Ask our financial experts your bring questions and get personalized insights and advice

Monthly group accountability sessions

Use this consistent time to implement what you’ve learned and get inspired to keep going

42K people just like you are dreaming big and making it happen

“I can honestly say, if I did not make the decision 5 years ago to learn how to manage my money, I would not have gotten out of the toxic situation that I was in…my goal was to save $5,000, and I doubled that goal!”


“Live Richer Academy has helped me become independent, take care of my family, and dream big, not just settle. I was able to do things I never thought I’d be able to do, from paying down a lot of debt to creating a t-shirt business for my son.”


“We needed to increase our credit and provide a home for our children…in under a year; my credit score increased by 200 points, and we purchased our first home!”


A full year’s subscription costs less than hiring one financial expert for a single hour

Instead of spending 10s of thousands of dollars and figuring it out on your own, you get access to NOT just one but XX+ financial experts who will get you on track to reach your goals.


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