Frequently Asked Questions

The Live Richer Academy is a membership site that hosts a series of courses designed to help you take your finances and life to the next level. After registering, you’ll have access to all of the courses in the Academy. These courses are designed and taught by The Budgetnista and industry experts from around the country.
DreamBuilder Intensives (DBI): Similar to the renowned Live Richer Challenge, intensives allow DreamBuilders to work together towards a unified goal. Throughout these 22-day, challenge-like offerings, DreamBuilders receive tasks via text message, email, and our private Facebook group. Upon completion, a specific goal is accomplished, i.e. stock purchase, the establishment and funding of a retirement account, etc.
Ask the Expert Sessions: 1-hour long Q&A with an industry expert. These interactive lessons are driven by DreamBuilders one Sunday a month (excludes Federal holidays).
**Pre-Recorded Courses: Pre-recorded courses include between 6-8 lessons. These lessons include a brief video, a written component, and one or more downloadable resources to help you apply the lesson takeaways to your life. The comprehensive quiz included. 
**Live Courses: Live courses include 3-5 lessons. These lessons are in video format and contain one or more downloadables and/or online resources to help you apply takeaways to your life. A comprehensive quiz is included.
What does my membership include? Are there any perks or benefits?

ConnectThe Dream Builder Facebook Group: The DreamBuilder Facebook group is for Live Richer Academy members only. The Academy Forum will provide an intimate place for members to share, ask questions, receive encouragement, and hold each other accountable.Live LearningAsk the Experts: The Live Richer Academy hosts monthly, one-hour Q&A sessions with financial experts. During these events, members have the opportunity to watch, learn, interact and probe the smartest minds in personal and financial development.Budgetnista Budget Series: Academy co-founder, Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche hosts an, one-hour live course centered around budgeting. Ask questions and have them answered live while also engaging with your Live Richer Academy peers.InspireHER Series: This live series features women of admiration, each hand-selected by DreamBuilders. Hear stories of remarkable women who have experienced high-level success during this one-hour LIVE session.VIP AccessLive in-person events: Receive VIP access to live events with Tiffany, The Budgetnista! DreamBuilders have the opportunity to (1) register early and (2) enjoy membership discounts.
The Academy costs a monthly fee of $49.99. Below, are the available payment options: 

Automated Recurring Payment: (automated recurring payments like a gym membership)

Monthly Membership: $49.99/mo. 
6-month Membership: $249.95/6 mo. (1 month free with this option, $49.99 x 5 months = $249.95)
1-year Membership: $499.90/yr. (you get 2 months free with this option, $49.99 x 10 months = $499.90)
A cost of $49.99 for how many months? How long is the Academy?

The Academy is an ongoing healthy lifestyle choice, like the gym. You can maintain your membership for as long as you like. New courses are continuously introduced to the Academy.
Registration for the Academy is currently open. You can enroll here When closed, you can join the VIP Dream Builder Wait List, sign up here:
Intensive: Starting a Small or Home Based Business
Intensive: A Step-by-Step Guide To Buying Your First Stock
Real Estate Investing
How to Get Hired
Credit Repair: Beyond the Basics
Student Loans: What Every Borrower Should Know
How to Keep Your Money While Sharing Your Love
Budgetnista Small Business Series
Successful Networking 101
…and much more!!
The Live Richer Academy wants you to become Financially Whole; in order to make this happen on your own terms, the 12-Step Financial Wholeness Plan is being updated to a required succession order. You will have to complete the modules in sequential order; where one module will be available at a time, granting you access to the next course module after you successfully complete the previous course model. However; the Academy does house a course library of over 40 courses, and you will have access to these courses at all times, as long as, you have an active membership subscription.
The pre-recorded Academy courses are self-paced. You are able to work through as much or as little course material as you’d like. We recommend scheduling time in for at least one lesson per week.
You will have unlimited access to all of the courses for as long as you maintain your membership.
Yes. Here’s the link to request access:
The courses will be available simultaneously. You can do one or more courses at the same time. Each course has 3-8 lessons and you have unlimited access to all of the lessons for as long as you maintain your membership.
Once you end your membership, you will no longer have access to the Academy courses. Similar to a gym membership, you’re not paying per class; rather, you’re paying for a membership with the Academy.
There is an Academy notebook for members only, to keep you organized as you take the courses. Also, each instructor provides you with the tools you’ll need for their course.
Unfortunately, we are unable to process memberships as gifts at this time.
You will have access to the full Academy during your month membership; however, how many modules you are able to access, will be up to how many modules you successfully complete during that time frame.
It’s an automated recurring payment, like a gym membership. You will be charged until you cancel your membership.
The Courses: They were chosen by Dream Catchers, for Dream Catchers. After surveying over 100,000 Dream Catchers, the courses in the Academy are a reflection of the most requested content. New courses will be added regularly as the suggestions pour in from you. The Academy includes detailed and self-paced courses on topics designed for you.The Instructors: We handpicked and vetted each instructor for excellence. They are all Budgetnista-Certified, which means they all pass our Lisa Rule* (see rule at the bottom of the page). Instructors are also professionally certified, have a graduate school level of education, or have a successful business in the subject matter they teach for the Academy.The Intention: We began The Budgetnista as an act of service to our community. We felt that financial education was not being taught in a way that was making a real difference. I launched the Live Richer Challenge because I wanted to help women worldwide be financially empowered. The Live Richer Academy was born out of your request for more.We’ve been teaching personal finance for over 10 years and one thing we know for sure is that there can never be enough education. The Academy is the answer to: “Now what” Now that I know how to budget, save, and pay down debt because The Budgetnista taught me, now what? It’s time for you to move to the next level. The Live Richer Academy will help to take you there while holding your hand, listening to your needs, and developing new courses as you grow.
A money-back guarantee is offered to members with a Bi-Annual (6-month) or Annual (1-year) subscription. You have 30 days to cancel for a partial refund (full price – one month). You must visit to request a refund for your subscription within thirty (30) days of your initial purchase.
Login to the Academy.
Click on your name, located on the top right-hand corner. A drop-down will appear.
Click “My Account”
Click “Billing”, located on the left-hand menu.
In the “Subscriptions: section, you’ll find your current subscription.
Click “Cancel”
How do I update my credit card information?
1. Login to the Academy.
Click on “Account Profile” under “Account & Profile” at the bottom right-hand side of the Homepage
Click “Billing”.
Click “Edit” credit card.
Input your updated credit card information.
Click “Update”.
No, if your membership is shared by multiple people, the system will automatically lock one account out.
Our Lisa Rule: I have 4 sisters and Lisa is the baby (well, she’s not a baby anymore). Out of all of my sisters, I’m the most protective over her. Before I share any product or service with you, it must pass my Lisa Rule. What’s the Lisa Rule? If I would not advise Lisa to use a product or service, I won’t advise you to. YOU are my Lisas. I feel protective of you and your financial journey.